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Hey guys!
SOOOO sorry for not being active lately! My rooming situation will be better next year, so hopefully I can make some crafting time fit with school.
To fix the current problem, I’ve come up with a possible solutions, but I’d like your feedback. I was thinking of scheduling live streams as I’m crocheting animals, which would allow you guys to see the process in real time, and to make room for questions.

What do you guys think?

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how much is the matoki? I'm a BABY (B.A.P's fun club name) and if it is available nationwide?

Yes, I ship worldwide! 

My matoki range from $15 - $300 USD depending on the size and which one you’d like.
If you tell me more specifics, unanon or via email, I’d gladly help you get a closer estimate.

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Hello~ I'm on a quest to make tiny crochet animals. How did you come up with the pattern for the matoki? I want to make one myself but I'm a beginner in crochet. Any tips? :>

I actually freestyled the pattern, but I’m going to write out and start selling it soon!

Honestly, the best tip I have for anyone out there interested in this business is to be open to different books, styles, techniques and to just play around with it it. Here’s a link to my old and messy video kind of describing my personal process of shaping stuffed animals. I hope it helps!

I hope this helps! 

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can you make keke mato for my daughter her brthday is coming soon.

I’d love to make one for your daughter, but I’d need to be able to contact you! Please email me, or go unanon and we can discuss details further!

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Classes were canceled the other week because we had sub-zero temps and some insane windchill so I took some time to relax and make these cute minis with some scrap yarn. It was nice to break the hooks out again!

I’ll probably be putting them up in the store soon, so look out for them!

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DIY Galaxy Backpack

I made this backpack with the intentions of revamping an old one back from middle school. The quality is still super good (it’s almost as if it’s new), but the pink is a bit too…pink for me now >.>

I started off by spray painting the whole thing black. Once that dried, I randomly sprayed bits of white and silver (different angles and distances give you different looks)

I also allowed this coat to dry and then randomly sprayed in some purple. Once that was dry, I ran it through a quick rinse in the washer with some baking soda to soften the material and eliminate most of the spray paint smell.

I love the way this turned out, but I also have a couple regrets with this project…If I could do it all over again, I would spray paint it with a fabric spray paint (you might be able to notice some of the pink showing through again…), and I would also stuff the bag with old plastic bags or scrap paper to puff out the bag. There are several spots that I missed because of the way it was folded in.
But yeah! This beats going to class with a bright pink backpack ^^

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I now have instagram!

lol. I didn’t think I was gonna get one, but yeah…peer pressure >.<
I guess this’ll give me more motivation to post crafty stuff so yeah. follow?


I’m editing the facemask tutorial now guys. Hopefully all goes well this time

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Baby Shower Deco

I was asked to decorate for a baby shower this past weekend so I put my new graphic design skills to use and created these cute little guys.
It took me about a week to design and cut all of this stuff. If I had more time, I would have been more precise, but time wasn’t exactly on my side :P 

I meant to take pictures of these at the shower but I was so caught up in remembering all my stuff and getting everything up before the Mom-to be came that I forgot about my camera so as you can see in the picture below I mocked it up in a corner at home x3


Earlier today I just finished filming my facemask tutorial! Hopefully editing goes well and I won’t have to film it all over again >.<

I hope you’re all having a good summer!

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Just a quick announcement!

As I said in the video, thanks for all your support and love!
Feel free to message me if you have any questions :D

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Teddy Bear II


I made this cute guy as a baptism gift for a Jie of mine.
I totally forgot about putting on the safety eyes so I opted for felt ones instead.

Still don’t have my camera battery so this was the best pic I could get on my phone. I did my best editing it without ruining the color of the bear…

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Octopus and Burnt Tofu Bunny Cellphone Charms

Custom Order

Before I describe the order, I’d like to say sorry for staying silent for about 2 months! I’ve been super busy, and just haven’t found the time to finish projects until recently! I know I still haven’t recorded the Facemask Tutorial, but I’ll get to work on it as soon as I’m done with my summer courses (early July). They’re taking up a lot more time than I originally thought =.=


Sorry for the bad picture, but I accidentally left my camera batter at my grandparent’s place so I’ve been using my phone to take pictures…not the best thing to use, but It’ll have to do for now.

This was a custom order for a purple octopus and burn tofu bunny cellphone charm. It took a little longer than I would have liked it to
but considering it’s been about a year since I last made a cellphone charm, I guess it wasn’t so bad :P

I want to say a BIG hello to all my new followers! Thanks for the follow even though I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to!
Feel free to talk to me! I love hearing from followers!

To all you kpoppers out there, have you heard about the Infinite concert?!?!?! I’m super stoked! I hope they come to NY before I leave for college!

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Sneak Peek as a BIGGGG thank you ^^

Hey guys! sorry for the lack in updates! I graduate in a couple hours and as a big thank you for your support and love, I’m letting you guys access my website before it’s officially revealed!

The Infinite album cover will be posted up here soon (I just finished it yesterday) but I’ll be putting it on my portfolio site in a couple hours ^^

here’s the link! kitkatwong.com

Lemme know what you guys think!

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Mr. Bob

Sorry for the bad quality pic! (Can’t really carry around my good camera…)
I made this for a friend’s birthday based on some of my most memorable times with her, and some funny conversations :)
It’s on it’s way to Asia now…hopefully it gets there soon >.>

生日快樂 姐!!!

Scotch Tape Plaid

Sorry for no updates! School is crazy busy and there’s surprisingly a TON of drama which is really wearing me out. My comp is also being weird and shuts down my photo program a lot.

This is just a quick update, but I hope it holds you guys off until I can officially post something!

So we started this thing called theme Thursday, and this week’s theme was Mad about Plaid. All of my plaid stuff is back in Jersey, so I taped a mini plaid design on my shirt!

Everyone found it pretty cool which was nice :)

Lemme know what you guys think!
Hopefully I’ll post soon!

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Kukki ~ a klutzy version of Sokki

This clumsy bunny is now for sale! Go check her out on my store or the facebook shop!

Here’s her info:

$15.00 USD (shipping not included)

Height (without legs): 4 1/2 in.
Head Circumfrence: 10 1/4 in.

Cellphone charm or keychain can be added for an extra $1

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